Saturday, February 20, 2010

Trade with Cobb and Halladay

Quite a few of us bloggers joined in Cobb and Halladay's Super Bowl Contest a few weeks back. I didn't win anything from the contest, but I did gain a new trading buddy by the looks of things. I sent him some Blue Jays, Sabres, and Bills, and here's some of what he sent me in return:

First is this excellent Dewon Brazelton, which is also my first "TV" card. I love getting Brazletons, as he's one of those players who just never seems to be included in the cards I get from people (Probably because he's sitting in their common boxes in the basement). So it's nice to get his cards, and this one is probably the coolest Brazelton I own to date.

From here on out I got all Prince Fielders, and they're all soooo cool. Like this Topps Chrome with the good old All Star Rookie cup. Chrome is shiny, shiny is goooood.

I also received my first 2010 card of the year, the Brew Crew Knockout (I know everyone's seen this picture, but I love it, so bear with it)! I know that's a weird thing to say, but I just haven't bought a pack despite several trips to Target between the set's release and now. The two Prince cards I've seen are easily the coolest in the set though, and now I have one of them. So if anyone has an extra of the 2010 Topps #1 with the homerun knockdown, I'd love to have it sit next to this Prince in my binder!
Here's the back, noted for two reasons. For one, I hadn't noticed the little tracking thing at the very bottom of the fine print before. You can actually find out when and where this card was manufactured, which is kind of neat. Also, I notice some names on here (Nick Johnson, Josh Butler, Shairon Martis) whom I haven't seen pictured yet on blogs, despite all of the 2010 coverage. I guess they're a little like Dewon, thrown into many 2010 common piles. Poor dudes.

Continuing on with a man who should never be in anyone's common piles, we have a 2005 Donruss Champions Prince Fielder, aka ROOKIE CARD! I have Prince's UD Retro Lucky 13 card from 2006, but this is my very first 2005 Prince, so I'm really happy to have it.

And the final card, in all of it's epic glory...

*drum roll*

2008 UD Spectrum Dual Swatches, Serial Numbered 21/99:
Beautiful, no? All white swatches, but I'm not complaining, given the excellent players on this card and all of the shiny. I fell like most of the Dual Swatches I look at don't ever make sense, as it's two guys at very different levels of play, or mixes of Red Sox dudes with Yankee dudes. This one is all Bash Brothers, and I love it, a truly sweet card. So thanks Cobb and Halladay, for the swatches and everything!


  1. Nice, I hadn't seen that 2010 Prince card yet. Must be a pretty sweet feeling to get the two most awesome photos in a set. Mr. Fielder must be riding pretty high right about now. :P

    White swatches generally suck, but they do tend to look kinda nice on darker backgrounds. And you're right, dual jerseys of teammates are way too rare an occurrence.

    Bout to go put the finishing touches on what I'm sending ya immediately after I finish this. Do you want McGriff colored or left black & white?

  2. I'm good with black and white, I think it looks nice. Also, and this might sound weird, but I picture Fred in black and white. I think it's his Rays days.

  3. Also I totally forgot that Shalrie was part of this - so psyched to see that card hahaha.

  4. Ah, cool. That'll make things quicker too. The picture I used was from his time with the Rays. I left the hat blank though, because he was productive everywhere he played, and totally not because they had a too complicated to draw really tiny logo. *shifty eyes*

    Shalrie's base card is in there too if you need it.

  5. Hahaha - yeah, that Ray is a beast. I don't blame you dude!

    And your call on Shalrie base. I know the package will already have lots o' goodies, so it's fine if you keep the base for yourself. Whatevs!

  6. That tracker is pretty cool. Made in Dallas in mid-January. The card is barely a month old!