Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Visual Evidence of the Ebay Incident/ My New God Shammgod Cards

Since I gave you all the issues with my newest Ebay purchase, I figured I might as well share the cards as well. They're kind of cool anyways, so they're worth a look.

First I'll share the focus of the buy, the 1997-1998 God Shammgod Wave of the Future card. As you can see, it's fluid filled (see the big air bubble in the bottom left, or the little bubbles in the bottom right) and glitter filled (see...all over the place). I didn't realize this when I bought it, but it makes for a kind of cool, albeit weird card. I wonder what the "card" in the middle is made of? It's not cardboard, because I bent the thing when I was messing with it and it doesn't crease or anything!
For those curious, the break in the card that caused loss of liquid and glitter is in the top left, maybe half an inch from the corner. And for those more curious as to why I would bend the card - well it was already cracked anyways, so I decided I'd check it out. Still a cool card though - right now I have a card sleeve put on it upside down (aka the open part is at the bottom), so that way it'll leak into a protective covering if it leaks when it sits in my binder.

Now I bring you to the water damaged card, aka the 1997-1998 God Shammgod Fleer Ultra rookie. Not actually a bad card, and the dude threw it in for free, so that's really cool. I especially like the epic-ness of the picture - you can see all the people watching in the stands, and God just looks ready to make something happen. The back of the card mentions that Shammgod had 2 points and 2 assists in his NBA Debut, and I like to think that this photo is from that game.

So that's the nice part. Here's what the damage looks like. Check out the entire right side of the card.
And on the back it's the left side, but kind of moves towards the middle. Cardboard+gel liquid kind of takes on this two face/acid-y melt-y appearance. It's pretty crazy.

Now, as I mentioned, the second card was free, so it's a bonus and I'm happy to get it at all, even damaged. And I love the Wave of the Future card - it's everything I could have imagined and more. But I am bummed that it's cracked open, as I'd rather not have to worry about gel leaking forever. So the God Shammgod Wave of the Future card is being added back to my want list in the sidebar, in hopes that someday I can obtain it without any perforations in the card. Maybe that card can take card of this one? Or something?

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