Friday, August 20, 2010

New Wonderfuls, Kuntzs, Sturtzes, and Shammgods from 7th Inning Stretch!

Sometimes Beckett is a great place to add to your player collections. This is especially true when you buy from 7th Inning Stretch, who specializes in minor league cards. Makes it pretty easy to pick up something like 7 new Wonderful Terrific Monds cards in one fell swoop:
That's right - I doubled my Monds collection from 7/26 to 14/26 in one purchase. Gotta love that! Someday you'll see those fronts more up close, but for now I'll just show off a few of the backs!

First we have one of Monds' 1994 cards, aka one of his first XRC's:
Jealous? You should be!

Although the next card back is the complete opposite of anything that would ever make Night Owl's top 50 list:
Stats over picture is just so hard to read, equaling pure insanity. Cool card though.

These last two were just humorous to me, as they both highlight Monds' SB ability:
The top card mentions that he finished fifth on the Greenville Braves with 7 steals, in only 32 games. Nice! The bottom mentions how he led the Eastern League in steals with 41. Double nice!

Mixing it up, here's a Rusty Kuntz minor league card. I love the font for the team name:
The back is neat too:
No need to wait for a sale EVER! Also, they tell you where their five locations are, as well as when they're open! How cool is that? Yay Hills for appreciating a Rusty Kuntz!

Bringing me within 7 cards of a Complete Master set, here's my newest God Shammgod:
The Dean's List foil looks really neat - great card.

Last but not least, my newest "Grand" Tanyon Sturtze, totally cheesin':
And the back is kind of crazy...I love when the major league teams are in all caps on a card:
First off, Tanyon was a Texan? Wow. Second off, he had an 8.27 ERA as a Texan? Double wow. Makes his 2001 with the (Devil) Rays that much more impressive. And makes his 2002 with the (Devil) Rays that much more understandable.

Either way, Worcester, Ma born and raised, Worcester County REPRESENT!

And that's all I've got for today. Hope you liked!

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