Sunday, August 1, 2010

Post #500, Including the Best Card "Trade" I Ever Made

I hit post #500 on the same day as fellow blogger Play at the Plate - what are the odds of that? His 500th post includes a contest for a free Ginter Blaster, so you should definitely head over and enter it!

My 500th post, on the other hand, is a quasi-celebration of a recent "trade" which I made that involved cards. I say "trade" because technically it wasn't a straight up deal, more sort of cards for cash, which was then used in the second part of the trade. Confused yet? Here are the basic details of the trade:
1. Put a ton of junk wax/oddballs/weird sports cards on Ebay.
2. Made a bunch of cash.
3. Bought a cat
My girlfriend and I had talked about getting a cat "someday," but push finally came to shove and we decided to adopt one last weekend. She's 3 and a half months old, very friendly, crazy spastic, and I'm so glad we bought her. She even kind of likes baseball cards (though she mostly just likes to play with lot bags). And to think, all she cost were some x-men and disney cards I had laying around.

So, sorry for being really sentimental with my 500th post, but I'd definitely call oddball junk for a cat the best card trade that I ever made!


  1. Brilliant! Certainly the best trade I've seen in quite sometime....

  2. Awesome! Congrats on your 500th post and the new addition to your family!

  3. That's awesome! Cats are great. Perhaps a Cards for Cats program in the future? (Or Cats for Cards if someone has some extra cats and wants some cards? There's this show on Animal planet called Animal Hoarding . . . )

  4. Way to go on hitting 500. Maybe your new addition can help you score a "Cat" Osterman card.

  5. Can i trade you one of my cats for some cards?

    Congrats on #500 dude!

  6. Thanks guys! And lol...nice ones Bo and girlfriend especially liked the cards for cats ideas, especially if it means my cards for another cute cat.

  7. Hahahaha lol Beardy. I'd be playing the Rangers in any cat deal - I'm apartment bankrupt and they charge us extra each cat, so I'd need some cash thrown in. And maybe Adam Jones too jk.

  8. Congrats on post #500! I can't believe we both hit that mark the same day.

  9. Nice 1 of 1!

    Sorry, no one else made the joke, so I had to.