Friday, August 27, 2010

Two New Senecas

Man, I love when Ebay sellers combine shipping. I got these two beauties combined from the same seller a few days back, and they're both numbered under 100. The first one is one of my favorite Seneca cards now, for so many reasons. It's this 2003 Gridiron Kings card:Now obviously the sketch cardness is nice, as this becomes my first Seneca sketch card. I also love the Donruss Kings sets in general, whether they be Diamond or Gridiron, so it's awesome to have one of my favorite football player. Finally, this is the black bordered version, which always makes these sketch cards look nicer. Real beauty of a card on the front...real goofy on the back:
The 54/75 is nice, but check out the note on Seneca's 2002 - "If creativity could be measured, Wallace likely would have led the nation at Iowa State in 2002." My girlfriend thinks this is Donruss' way of saying that Seneca wasn't/isn't that good of a QB. I just think it's a really wacky statement to make - made me laugh to beat the band anyways.

The other card I picked up in this purchase was a sweet Topps Pristine Refractor. Now, for those of you who aren't aware of 2003 Pristine, Seneca has three variations in the set - cards #129, 130, and 131. Those variations then have their own variations - refractors, printing plates, etc., all of which are numbered inconsistently. So while this Seneca refractor of card #131:
is #'d to /99:
It's card #130 brother is #'d to 1449. Weird, right? Even weirder, while card #129 is not numbered in its most common form, common #130 is #'d to 1499 and card #131 is #'d to 499. In other words, a base card of #131 is less common than a refractor or #130. Such a weird set!