Monday, September 13, 2010

Dave Stewart 96 UDCC Tribute Card

Told you that Dave Stewart would show his face again on this blog. He may be making headlines this year for messing things up between the Dodgers and his client, Matt Kemp, but once upon a time he was a damn good pitcher. Never on a team that I liked or anything, but I remember hearing a ton of hype about Stewart growing up as a kid, and so I was always pretty impressed with him. Guess that happens when you win 20 games in 4 straight seasons, as well as being part of 3 World Series winners over your career.

Anyways, Tribute cards are cool, and I wanted to pay tribute to the awesomeness that Stewart represented when I was a little kid by showing his Tribute card from 1996 UDCC. So here it is:
Terrible final season for Stewart, with a 3-7 record and 6.89 ERA. But it did allow for this cool glove raise to the crowd, which was perfect for this card.
The card back points out how Stewart's career was often defined (and still is today) by his intensity on the mound, which is awesome. You just don't get enough B.A. pitchers these days, who can get a batter out mentally before they even throw a pitch. The card also mentions Stewart's 8-0 record in ALCS play, which is pretty damn impressive. Stewart was only 2-4 in the World Series, which likely contributed to the fact that his teams lost two world series against those three they won, but hey, not everyone's perfect. So sorry to any Dodgers fans who are sick of Matt Kemp's crazy agent, but remember that once upon a time, Dave Stewart was a pretty damn good/scary pitcher.

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  1. I'm with you: Stewart was awesome. Still can't believe he didn't win a Cy Young in OAK.