Friday, November 26, 2010

BA Benny Bit on my Trade Bait, Brought me a Bodacious Bounty!

This is why we post trade bait folks! For a Mike Skinner Auto, a Santa Relic card, and some other stuff, BA Benny offered to send me a bunch of goodies. And good they were!

The best card has to be this Duce Staley relic from the end of his Eagles days:
Giant green swatch, and it adds a card to one of my favorite (yet least discussed) PC's. Duce was my favorite NFL player, bar none, for quite a few years in the late 90's/early 00's. I'd say Seneca comes above him now, but Duce is still probably my second favorite player ever. Injuries hurt him, but the guy was tough, and could play very very well when healthy. Plus he signs his name as "2 Staley," which is neat.

On a side note, I'm now going to add pictures of relics and autos to my player collection pages. That way you guys will be able to see exactly what I have in terms of hits on that very page!

As cool as that relic is, Benny also sent this nice Sheffield swatch #'d 24/500:
I don't officially collect Sheff anymore, but I do still accept his cards happily, and this is my first jersey card of his (my other relic is a bat piece). Besides, this is one of those cards where the back has a picture of the jersey the piece came from, which is always so excellent. So I love this card - thanks Benny!

Benny also sent me some cool cup cards, starting with a nice Pedro Feliz:
In real life, Feliz is awful at baseball. In cardboard life, he's a guy with a messy team who leaves lots of trash under the bench!

Benny also sent the holy grail of cup cards - the 1992 Upper Deck Turk Wendell:
Epic, no? The real focus is Turk's OCD-ness and the many routines he held, but more important to me is the Coke and the Gatorade cooler hiding in the background. Everything else is just gravy.

Finally, Benny sent me some great names and some acetate. Like the gold, I don't officially collect any of these things. But I unofficially collect them like a fox!
Dave Skaggs is a hilarious name, so good. But Coolbaugh and Mulliniks are nice last names as well. It was also cool to see Salmon again after the gold cards, as well as Knoublauch on a Pacific card. He once hit a foul ball that was caught by a guy in the row behind me (as a Twin), so Chucky will always have a small spot in my heart, even if he was a damned Yankee!

Thanks BA Benny!

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