Monday, November 8, 2010

Bo's Giant Lot O' Cards Part 3: I Love GOLD!

After yesterday's more somber post, I figured I'd brighten up the blog with the brightest cards from the trade box I got from Bo - GOLD!

Occasionally I consider collecting Gold cards, either as sets or simply in general...but there's just so many that I don't really know exactly what kind of shape any such collection would take. That said, I'll always take Gold cards when given the opportunity, which is why I ended up with 23 such cards in this trade! I'll start by showing off a bunch of them, and then I'll show my three favorites at the bottom of this post.

Here's 9 of the baseball ones:
Okay, actually 8, because Electric Diamond =/='s still really cool though. I love the Gold Standard card in the bottom right though - it just looks really, really nice!

Here's 9 of the Basketball variety:
Most from '92-'93, with one from '93-'94. The Horizontal card is really cool, as is the Kevin Willis League Leaders card.

Getting down to the best cards of the pack, here's 3 more I received:
A Jason Arnott Score Gold Rush Rookie, Luc Longley Rookie, and a really nice looking LaSalle Thompson card in the bottom right. Great photo.

Finally, the top 3. First we have #3, Mookie Blaylock:
Awesome because it's Mookie! And I like it when the shot goes over the border sometimes.

#2 is Al Martin's RC, where he's signing some autos for the fans:
Martin was a weird guy - he claimed to have played 2 years with the USC Trojans in the 1980's for years, but that was proven incorrect in 2001. He was also a temporary bigamist in 2000, as he didn't realize his marriage to a second woman in Las Vegas was legally binding. Very weird stories both - nice little career for the guy though.

Finally, card #1, which totally rules - Brian Williams with a lay up featuring a lurking Manute Bol:
How cool is that? It'd be even better if he was getting blocked by Bol on the card, but I'll take what I can get. Interestingly enough though, Williams makes a cameo on Bol's card as well. That image features Bol in his home whites though, so I guess these guys played a few times that year.

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  1. Awesome post... you just inspired me to go out and pick up the one Topps Gold card I've been dying to have in my collection for quite some time... the 1992 Brett Favre.