Sunday, November 14, 2010

Bo's Giant Lot O' Cards Part 7: Goofy Cards and Rookies

Phew, so many cards to work though - and these are just the highlights! This is the second to last post though, featuring some hugely hilarious cards, and some rookies/pre-rookies that I found cool as well.

This first card was one I had never seen before...but now that I own it, it will certainly never be unseen. As Thorzul has previously noted, this Greg Briley card is epic:
Yeah...I got nothing.

This next card makes me laugh every time I see it. It's not the kid on the left with the flowing mullet, or the kid on the right poking at Gaetti's face. It's the kid touching the bat, face as serious can be, with the sweet green ring he has on his middle finger:
Odds he got it from a cereal box? 50:50.

Kevin Gamble could go for some cereal right now as well. His stomach kind of has butterflies since he's gotta pick up his prom date in 30 minutes:
Smooth 'stache.

Less Smooth? Mitchell Page and his full on green body suit:
When was that ever trendy?

Final goofy card of the page - Dave Parker, wielding a massive sledgehammer:
It would've been awesome if he had used that in a game...if only...

Now bring on the rookies! First up is Roberto Hernandez, posing as Catcher - so goofy!

Then we've got a Ruben Sierra RC from 1987 Leaf:
Great dude with a nice career...sure would be easy to like him if he hadn't been a Yankee!

Preston Wilson Pre-Rookie card from Fleer Excel:
I always liked him for his overly formal first name and goofy demeanor, so this was a great card to pick up.

And finally, a very special rookie card from 1979 - that of World Series winning manage Bruce Bochy:
As Timbuk3 said, "Future's so bright, gotta wear shades..."


  1. Ironically that Kevin Gamble card came in a box of cereal around 1991.

    I know not everyone liked him but Sierra was one of my favorite Yankees.

  2. The Briley card is a classic... the card was made for you. As for the Gaetti... it looks like the kid who's touching his nose... could also be pointing and laughing at Gaetti's mullet.

    Keep up the great posts!

  3. Haha whoa,cereal box Gamble? Cool!

    And I think you're right Fuji, it certainly looks like that!