Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Newest Cards for my Collection of Cardboard, Courtesy of Cardboard Collections

It's odd how trades come and go in this card-o-sphere of ours. I've been trading with some bloggers, like Bo of Baseball Cards Come to Life!, for what seems like forever. Others, like Colbey of Cardboard Collections, are newer friends in this crazy cardboard flipping world we live in. But with all the cards Colbey and I have sent back and forth lately, he's definitely become one of my preferred traders. Here's the latest stuff he sent to my mailbox.

Up first, a testament to my love of scrambling QB's, Troy Smith:
Guy won the Heisman many years ago, then was told he was too small to be a starting QB. And now he's starting at that very position for the San Francisco 49ers. SUCK ON THAT CONVENTION!

Man I love it when undersized accurate speed guys become starting QB's. Like when Seneca took over for Jake Delhomme this year and the Browns played better - knew it'd happen!
Oh...hey Jake...that's awkward. Actually I am glad to have this card though - first off it's crazy awesome in design, but second off it's Jake Delhomme with Browns logo. You know I'm going to be all over the 2011 Topps cards of Seneca, Colt McCoy, and Jame Delhomme as soon as they come out. It's just what I do! Besides, even Jake isn't as bad as some 2nd round pick who gets hurt and goes on the IR before playing a single meaningful game.
Ooo...again...awkward. Sup Montario Hardesty? How do you like watching the Winnebago gettin' it done?

Really though, I like Hardesty, hope he does great things next year. But Peyton Hillis is another one of those guys who people mocked before he made them eat their words. Underdogs 2, Convention 1.

Speaking of 2's (hey, segue much Mooss?), Colbey also sent me two sweet 2008 UD Timeline relics of Zach Duke and recent Bo Sox tradee (YESSSS) Andrew Miller:
The Miller is especially sweet - LOOK AT THAT STITCHING! IT'S DOUBLY GORGEOUS! Mostly though I'm just psyched to have nice relic cards of Miller and other Red Sox minor league lefty Rich Hill. Because when they get over the wildness and put their crafty leftiness to good use, the Red Sox rotation will be more dominant than ever. We're talking like late 90's Braves dominant. Because Hill and Miller will clearly come back that far.

*sarcasm mixed with hope ---^*

Anyways, many thanks once again Colbey, you always send me great stuff!


  1. I really like the design of the UD Timeline relics... it's cool how they make the team color the focus of the card... I also enjoy the fact that it's a simple design and the swatch doesn't take away too much from the photo. Nice pick-ups.

  2. I have looked through a lot of my stuff, and after I visit my parents I think I'll be able to help with the McGriff and Belle. For now I have 2010 Chrome McCoy a Classics 09-10 Jerome Harrions & 3 Jake Delhomes (2010 Prestige & 2010 R*S and he's in browns gear, looks like from a practice. I'm hunting anything braves 1990+. Would love to start trading with you & to be added to your blog roll if you don't mind.