Monday, January 3, 2011

Best IceCat of All: Terry Virtue Auto

If you've read here a while, you know Terry Virtue was my favorite IceCat of all time. He's a lot of people's favorite IceCat due to his long tenure there, which is why he has several cards in IceCats team sets. I've been considering buying one of his team cards for a while, but always held out because I wish he would get an autographed card someday. My Dad must have read my mind because for Christmas he picked up an autographed version of the IceCats team card, which is just too awesome!
The front is real cool - an autograph in sharp blue sharpie, IceCats uniform, and the Cats logo in the bottom right. Very cool.
The back sums up Virtue's stats over the previous few years, including his 4 games in 99-00 with the Boston Bruins. I never even realized Virtue played some games with the Bruins, so that was incredible to find out. Probably only adds to his local fanbase - no wonder people love the guy!

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