Thursday, February 24, 2011

Packages in the Mailbox? ZOMG!!!

As noted by several bloggers, the snowiness of these past few weeks has wreaked havoc on the USPS. This morning I had 3 packages that have been in the mail for 10+ days now (a scary thought for any package receiver, amirite?). Now that's down to two with the delivery of a single Seneca Wallace gold parallel:
I ordered this a while back from a seller and got the base version instead. I emailed to let them know, and they said I could keep the base while they sent the gold parallel as well. Problem was they didn't have it, so in the past 20 days or so they purchased this one, got it sent to them, and then sent it to me. So complicated for one little card, but much appreciated since it's Seneca #80 for me!

Here's to hoping that tomorrow is day 2 in a streak of packages coming in the mail. I'm especially hoping for that package with 19 different Senecas including a Plate in it...*fingers crossed*

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