Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Seneca Purchase #2: Do I Take it Out of the Case?

It's numbered 10/25, is a refractor, and has a fancy Topps sticker on the loader. Do I take it out of its case?
Just curious. It's listed as an "Uncirculated Refractor," and I don't know if being out of its case makes it less desirable as a card. Any thoughts? I'm leaning towards leaving it in there since there are only 25 and a few of those must already be out. I want mine to be all shiny and perfect.


  1. Well, it's no longer uncirculated if you take it out of the case. I've popped open some eTopps cards that I have more than one copy of, but I would leave this one in the case.

  2. That's what I figured. I think it'll be staying in.