Monday, January 30, 2012

New IceCats Part 1: My Own Custom and Scratch!

I really want to complete a set this year, since it's been over a year since I last did just that. So after my Dad helped my IceCats team set out at Christmas and left me with only 6 more cards for completion, I decided to finally make headway and buy up everything I could. I went ahead and purchased 4 cards from 2 locations, and you'll one of those purchases below. I also FINALLY created a custom card for Dennis Wright, the only Cat with 0 career cards. So now only Allan Sirois remains in my quest for '97-'98 IceCat completion! Until one of those shows up, I'll enjoy these next two posts for getting me that close!

First I'll show off the custom. Now as many of you know, I'm not a custom maker. I'm actually a pretty sloppy drawer, don't really plan stuff out, and I hate pulling out a ruler to ensure my lines are straight. All that said, I'm pretty happy with the front of the card. Wright has no images online so instead I just made the IceCat logo with Wright's name and position at the bottom:
The writing is crooked, but eh...too be expected since I didn't plan it well. I mostly just cared about the logo and the 7 hills of Worcester, and I think those look pretty decent. I decided not to color it in since I don't really have any IceCat green in my house at the moment.

The back is where the custom really loses steam. I definitely should have used a ruler! It is more legible in person though:
See? Kind of looks like a 5 year old made it. But eh, I'm satisfied...I'll just stay impressed with the job I did on the logo!

Now on to the card produced by an actual card company! This one was purchased all by itself from an Ebay seller, and features the Mascot represented by the IceCat logo. His name is Scratch, and here he's featured with "Pounce," who must've joined the Cats in the early 00's after I stopped going to games.
For nostalgia sake, here's two videos of Scratch in action. In the second video he starts dancing around the 30 second mark.

And even better, here's the IceCat goal horn. Heard the horn A LOT when I went to games. I especially love the roar in the beginning.

As awesome as Scratch was, I also like the IceCats who actually played the game of hockey, so I'll show off the cards from my second purchase in a few days!

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