Thursday, January 26, 2012

A New Seneca Joins the Ranks!

Did you guys know you could get refunds of your store credit on COMC? Not in every situation, but if you buy credit (say $10) and only use $6 of that credit, within 30 days you can get the remainder (here $4) refunded to your paypal without COMC taking any fees out. Neat, right?

I did just that in the case of this card. It's /25, which I used to pay up to $20 for when I was making Seneca waves. I've wised up (Janet Weiss) and now know it's better to wait for the cheap stuff to shake out. So when I saw this on COMC for just $10 (it's a $25 BV card), I knew it had to be mine.

I added $10 credit, offered $5.50 for the card, offer was accepted and the card was mine for just $8.50(that COMC bulk shipping of $3...but I figured I would've paid more than $3 for this on Ebay so I didn't care!).

It arrived about a week ago. Nice card, similar to the others in its parallel set, but with an "O's" in the bottom right:
The awesome thing about this card and the X's I already have is that they're both numbered 23/25. Doesn't make the card a 1/1 or anything - just is nice for my collection since the print runs match!

Also, funny I should mention the set, because this card not only completed that set, but also completes a page!
Nice little mix of Playoff's 2003 offerings here, with the Honors cards in the middle. I like the slight differences in patches - the base and the X's are plain blue, the O's is mesh, and the Gems is signed mesh. Variety is the spice of life donchaknow.

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