Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Several New Senecas!

As some of you know the missus and I are moving again, and we actually already found the place! It's awesome and we're psyched and she's already there, but she took my scanner with her - ahhhhh! So for the first time in a long time, I'm going with pictures over scans for a few posts. These ones come courtesy my Droid...so if that bothers you sorry! I still think they're cool though.

The first two cards come courtesy of COMC. I only needed two Seneca cards total on COMC for the longest time, and recently I decided to bite the bullet and purchase them. Waiting was super nice for me too, as months later a second version of one of the cards popped up at a lower price AND the other card was at a lower price! Super cheap buys this late in the Seneca collecting game is FANTASTIC! Especially when they're really nice cards!

The first card is the Uncirculated Silver parallel of Seneca's 2003 Bowman card:
Other than the silver border it doesn't seem super special, but the odd thing about this card is that it's neither slabbed nor numbered. Now I know most of you are probably just like "Alright, that's fine," but it's weird here because the card is listed as uncirculated (which generally means slabbed) and it's got a print run of 111 (which generally means serial numbered). I think it's super neat because of this - nice when a card defies expectation like that.

The other COMC card is a college jersey in holofoil:
It's #'d 50/125 (ooo round numbers), and is my third card in this jersey series. It also has Iowa State jersey in it, which is always fantastic since those are the only Seneca jerseys that were game worn!

Speaking of which, I FINALLY picked up the base version of Seneca's 2003 Upper Deck Pros and Prospects card, #'d to 350, from Ebay. It was the highest #'d card I still needed, but I never win it on Ebay because Iowa State collectors are CRAZY! None of them seem to formally collect Seneca...they just dabble in the occasional auction...but I'll be damned if they don't dabble in every SINGLE AUCTION. But haha...now one is mine!
#'d 212/350, I love the little square with the weird card stuff in the middle. And the card's red coloring is fantastic as well - from the design, to the jersey, to the uniform worn by Seneca - a fabulous card and a great addition to my collection!

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