Friday, March 2, 2012

Three More New Senecas!

Well look who's back in action? It's me!

Even before I found that plate, I was starting to get the cardboard itch again. I realized I don't want all my cards - many stay hidden away in boxes and never get a look unless I'm seeking trade fodder. But I do want many of my cards, especially the Seneca Collection, so about a week ago I started making headway. Here's my first 3 examples, which will be joined soon by a few more!

As I've mentioned before, I have every Seneca need of mine listed in an Excel file, and this was the cheapest online for a while at about $4. I figured it could've been a dime box buy at some point so I waited forever, but I finally bit the bullet and purchased one just for giggles. It looks like a normal Topps card, but it's actually the Seahawks set parallel, #5 of 13:
Nothing too special, but one of the very last cards I needed without a serial number, so that' nice!

The second cheapest card was sitting on Ebay with a bin of $4.98. Really not bad, but again - it was there for like a year so I was hoping maybe I'd trim a buck off somewhere. And again, it's just $4.98, so really why wait any longer. One of the highest remaining serial #'s I needed, it's #'d 168/200 and is the Silver parallel of 2003 Upper Deck Honor Roll:
I love the serial on the front! And the silver all over looks nice - although the base version looks pretty much exactly the same minus the serial, so this one's hardly changed.

A much nicer use of silver and front serial # is the third and final card here. This one sat on Ebay for a while as part of a 3 card BIN. Three autos, all Seneca, like $25 for the three. I messaged the guy and offered him $9 gift offline, and he said that'd be fine with him. A few days later it was in my mailbox, and I'm a big fan:
This finishes off my Press Pass auto collection, as I had the base auto and gold auto /100. If the gold didn't go so well with the Iowa colors, I think this one would be my absolute favorite, as the silver tone looks so nice, especially with the big silver #15 and the blue ink (blue goes nice with silver for some reason). Again one of the higher #'s I still needed, as I now only need 12 cards #'d over 100, a number that started out closer to 80. So progress...and it feels fantastic!

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