Sunday, April 8, 2012

Seneca #214 - Bought CHEAP!

I know that when it comes to transactions in the collecting world, sellers technically (and literally) hold all the cards. But when a seller gets a little high on his prices, buyers often look elsewhere - and in the case of one such seller he is losing $ after $ from me thanks to other card sites!

This specific seller had 15 cards I needed a while back, and aside from two way out of my price range we had been haggling on the other 13. That 15/13 has turned to 10/8 with many of those cards popping up on Ebay at lower prices. The Bowman's Best Red card was a few dollars cheaper, but today's card (A Fleer Genuine Inside Reflections /99) was about $8 cheaper when I bought it online. Saving $8 at this point in my Seneca collecting is pretty hard to do, so I was super psyched to keep that extra money in my pocket! And the card itself looks pretty nice, here's a scan:It's specifically numbered 55/99, and it's different than the "base" Genuine Insider (I say "base" because the other version is still numbered, just numbered higher) in its silver tinting and the lower numbering. It completes yet another little subset of Seneca cards for me, which is always fabulous. It also puts me one card away from owning 75% of Seneca's master set - not a small number by any means!

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