Friday, July 6, 2012

Seneca Buyout Post #4 - Delayed 4th of July Celebration!

This is the 4th and final Seneca card I picked up in my purchase, and it has the lowest print run with only 25 copies in existence. More importantly, this would have made for a very relevant4th of July card to post which totally slipped my mind.  Oh well, still works a few days later!
It's one of those giant swatch cards from 2003 SPX with the weird rubber square next to it.  There are 4 versions of this card with this one being the rarest.  The other two I own are the NFL logo in the square and the Seahawks logo in the square.  The 4th version I have yet to pick up (it features the Seahawks logo and says "Spectrum" where this one says "flag") but I have found a copy so it could be mine soon!

But this one is awesome in its own right, even if it is kind of a random card design.  With this there are only 7 more cards /25 for me to find.  Pretty nice since there were 33 cards /25 at first!

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  1. Sweet card! The rubber is quite odd though, but the design as a whole is nice!