Wednesday, September 5, 2012

More Listia Nonsense, starring Shawn Green

Liked my last post?  Here's a little more Listia goodness for you!

Now it's not a 1/1, but it was DEAD cheap.  While Chris Young was 3,000 credits, Green here was a "whopping" 7 credits.  You can make 7 credits by listing an auction on Facebook.  Or by searching at the right time.  Or even by commenting on an auction.  Heck you can practically make it for breathing on the site.

So what did I get for 7 credits?  This nice little piece:
Kind of an odd little card of Green given that big ol' rectangle in the bottom left, but I think it's pretty neat.  And while the front is slick, the back has that old school Donruss papery feel.  And it's #'d 0013/1500:
Plus it has a nice little piece comparing Shawn Green to Duke Snider.  Pretty sweet for Shawn Green - I'm sure he didn't mind the comparison!


  1. Wow, 7 credits, that's great!

    I've got some nice cards on Listia recently, some for what I thought was a low "price." But nothing close to 7.

  2. The key is obsessively searching in the days before I finally started my teaching job. When you have all day it's easy to find deals!