Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sorry Adam...

A few weeks back, Adam asked me to stop bidding up all the Red Sox cards on Listia.  I truly intended to do that...but then this weird Pedro card 63/63 showed up and I just couldn't say no!
 It's a weird 2004 Fleer Exhibits card, and it's the "stat on back black name right" parallel (there are something like 6 parallels total).  See, here are the back stats:
A weird little parallel, but I dig the "Ebay 1/1"-ness and I think the front of the card looks sweet too.  And it's freakin' Pedro.  Nothing wrong with that!


  1. I missed ouy on that same card a 2nd time from the same seller. (different seriel # of course)

  2. I saw the other one too but I liked this one better. If I ever get sick of it it has your name all over it haha.