Friday, November 9, 2012

Slightly Different Direction: Bobbleheads!

So I've had more credits than I know what to do with, and I decided to do something else with them.  Searched with a bunch of different search terms on Listia and ended up finding bobbleheads!  Sometimes these can be kind of cool so I figured I'd check and see what kind of players they have.  Sure enough, they had a guy I used to follow back in the day, and for only 100 credits.  A few days later, this little guy was in my mailbox:
Corey Koskie!  Probably nothing doing to most of you, but since my first baseball game was a Twins home game, my brothers and I became mild Twins fans for a minute as kids.  Koskie was an up and coming prospect at that time, and as such was pretty easy to cheer for.  So it's really neat to have a bobblehead of his!

Here's the back:
Koskie's 9 year career started with the Twins and ended with back to back one year stints with Toronto and Milwaukee.  In 989 career games, he hit .275/.367/.458 with 124 homeruns from the hot corner.  His best season by far was 2001, where he hit 26 homeruns and finished 25th in MVP voting.    But he was always pretty good - slightly above average defense, good on base skills, some pop.  Unfortunately he suffered a concussion in July of 2006, and the issues thereafter knocked him out of the game.  He officially retired from baseball in 2009, but his solid career will always be remembered on my figure shelf by his bobblehead!

Which reminds me...I have two bobbleheads that I need to display.  Future post for sure...


  1. Nice pick up! That's a great deal for a bobble.

  2. I thought so too! 100 credits is like 33 cents...with free shipping that is outstanding! Even better that it's a player who I admired.

    I won another one too as part of a big lot - that'll be shown off in the future too!