Monday, December 17, 2012

Back to the Senecas, and this one is fairly big!

So as long time readers may know, I have found a "Seneca guy" who used to be me (aka the closest I've ever seen to a master set) but has since decided to stop collecting.  He recently had 8 cards I need, and here were the prices he wanted:
Bowman Chrome Gold Refractor 36/50 - $10
Upper Deck P&P Gold 4/50 - $10
Upper Deck P&P Jersey Gold 46/50 - $10
Ultra Platinum Medallion 15/100 - $15
Collegiate Prep Patch /25 - $25
Donruss Elite Status 1/15 - $40
Leaf Rookies & Stars Rookie Auto Longevity 7/10 - $60
LCM Mirror Black 1/1 - $450+

Originally this guy has a ton of cards I needed, but over time I've realized that most of them will eventually show up on Ebay if I'm patient.  That was the case with this card - a Collegiate Prep Patch # 6/25, aka Seneca's # with the Browns (a nice little feature if I say so myself).  Even better was the price - the collector wanted $25 for his, this Ebay user had an opening bid of $6.99 with free shipping.  And $6.99 with free shipping was enough.  Saved $18.01, and here's a look at my spoils:  
Ooo.  Now honestly I'm still more of a fan of my /75 version of this card, but it's hard not to dig a nice thick number swatch from a specific game.  As I mentioned before, Seneca wore this patch in the 2002 Senior Bowl, and you all know how I love specific cards.  So all's good, and I love the foil touch.

Here's the back:
Neat little copy of the front shape wise, and I like the big blue triangle with the big blue swatch.  I also have to say, if I haven't in the past, that I'm a fan of serial #'d cards that say 06/25 instead of 6/25.  Anyone else feel the same way?


  1. Looks nice! It's gotta be real frustrating being that close and dealing with ridiculous prices. You know I also collect low-end guys and have the same exact problems. You're right, though, your /75 version of that card is sweet! Good luck picking up the rest.

  2. Haha so ridiculous, but it is what it is. I'm coming to terms with it haha.

  3. 06/25 > 6/26

    Congratulations on your purchase!

  4. Just stumbled up on this blog and I have to say, I'm digging it. I haven't read every post yet, but I can say the bobblehead pics of you and your wife are awesome and the list of great names had me rolling on the floor. Good luck filling out the rest of your collection, we will patiently await your updates. If you need some down time, check out blog out and let us know what you think: