Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 Hobby Goals

So last year I did awesome on all of my goals besides finishing a set.  Time to set some new goals...it'll be interesting to see if any get accomplished since the stakes are getting higher and higher with my limited wants!

Goal #1 - Add one card to either my IceCats collection or my 1994 Good Humor Ice Cream set.
This should prove INSANELY difficult, but I think it's well worth a try.  My IceCats set is done minus a card from one man - Allan Sirois.  He has several minor league hockey cards out there, but they're from sets that likely did not get an extended run.  Here are the four cards I have to choose from:

1998-99 ECHL All-Star Southern Conference #12
2002-03 Pee Dee Pride RBI #147
2003-04 Florence Pride #156
2004-05 Rimouski Oceanic Season Ticket #6

The Rimouski card was likely never released in the U.S., and the other cards are just super rare.  Some time this year I'll make a more dedicated approach to finding one of these cards, as I've never seen one for sale online ever.

So the WWF cards may prove easier.  And the funny thing is, people do collect these a bit and some are even on Ebay, but they're never from the 1994 set.  Often 80's ones instead with guys like Hulk Hogan or Superfly Jimmy Snuka.  But the 5 I still need are from 1994, and they are:

Randy Savage
Razor Ramon
The Undertaker

I picked up a Lex Luger last year thanks to a Blowout forum user from Canada.  Maybe this year I'll find another one?  Regardless, if one of the above nine cards makes its way into my collection this year, I will be ecstatic.

Goal #2 - Add another Seneca Wallace 1/1.
I added this goal last year thinking it was bonkers, and then a few months into the year someone listed a printing plate on Ebay than ended up with me.  I've got 24 1/1's left to pick up so the odds there are somewhat in my favor, but only one was listed for sale all year so then again the odds kind of aren't.  My best chance may actually be a plate that is owned by a forum user that I met years ago.  He messaged me about 6 months back saying he had something for me if I gave him my address and I did, but nothing ever came of it and I haven't heard back from him since.  In lieu of that card, I know of one card that is likely lost forever, two that aren't leaving their owners unless I leave the lottery, and then 20 that I have never seen before.  Another tricky goal for sure, but it's always tricky with 1/1's!

Goal #3 - Get my Seneca Wallace collection to 240 distinct cards.
The easiest goal on my list, but still easier said than done.  He only has 284 cards, and of the remaining 53 I need (as of 1/1/13), 24 are 1/1's.  As I mentioned above I might not even get one 1/1 this year, which leaves 29 cards /5 or higher for me to get this year.  Picking up 9 of those 29 cards in one year might be pretty tough, especially considering I haven't ever seen many of those cards online. But we'll see what I can do.  Personally I think 240 is achievable if I purchase some cards from the Seneca collector that I met and a few more pop up on Ebay.  But again, we'll see what happens!
And those will be all my card related goals for 2013.  Tougher to meet than last year's, but what's a resolution worth if it's not a little challenging?

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