Saturday, March 30, 2013

Seneca UPGRADE (Beyonce Style)

Because whenever I think of the word upgrade, I think of that Beyonce DirectTV commercial from a while back.  Man the associations that brains make are weird...

Anyway, to fund my Seneca LCM 1/1 quest, I've been buying up the occasional lot for resale, hoping to make money where others missed an opportunity.  One way I found that works pretty well is to search Ebay title and description for certain names.  There's only so much you can list in a title, and a lot of people make up for that by writing detailed descriptions, but the default Ebay search only searches the title.  If you turn on title and description searching though, your search term goes a lot further and finds you gems with bad titles from time to time.

I search Seneca Wallace pretty much every day, and title and description recently found me a jersey lot where I already had the Seneca but there were about 20 cards total and the seller was only asking $4 shipped.  I couldn't pass that up and I made the purchase to resell the whole lot (including the Seneca), and now a while later I can happily say I successfully flipped the other cards for profit.  But the best part of the package was something that I didn't notice from the auction scan - this Seneca was actually a three color patch instead of the one color jersey I was expecting!  Here's what it looks like:
A bit hard to tell the third color, but the bottom right corner has some solid blue from a jersey number and then the very bottom corner has some jersey number white showing.  I've seen patches in 2003 Leaf Rookies and Stars /550 before but they're pretty darn rare, so it was nice to pick this one up as an upgrade!  Well worth the $4 all by itself!

Here's the back:
Not a bad little back, and I always love how detailed the Leaf jersey cards were.  And I like the way they leave a spot for the serial number - nice touch!

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  1. I really have to try flipping cards to help fund the cardboard budget. Congratulations on finding the nice surprise.