Monday, December 2, 2013


With my Seneca collection back on the go, I finally decided to grab an oddball that has been staring me in the face on Ebay forever.  It's not in Beckett and it's debatable whether it counts as a card, but I'm counting it since it's Seneca's only non-photo memorabilia since 2009.  I bring to you...APBA Seneca Wallace! 
SINCLAIR IS BACK!  Apparently once I noticed the middle name once, it needs to keep resurfacing on every single card now lol.

I have no idea how to play APBA, but it's like Stratomatic or something where you build a team and "play" via dice and a series of outcomes.  I'm really curious how good or bad the above stats are.  I honestly have no clue how the numbers correlate to anything so I don't know if this is bad or good.  Regardless, it's a really cool card to have.  And I love the back:
Simple, but real nice.  Technically Seneca's only card as a Cleveland I'm happy to own it!


  1. I thought of you immediately when my packers sent him in. I was so proud to know someone who had stuck wiht him through it all. So sorry it could not have gone better...really wish it was a magic combo like I expected...

  2. That's awesome, I got a lot of Facebook messages and emails about it, it was so cool to have my collection be a topic of conversation! I even started him in fantasy football lol. Of course I lost that week hahaha.