Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Dennis sends a Stith...and a message

Dennis of Too Many Detroit Based Subjects was looking through his stuff the other day when he came across a Shyrone Stith he thought I needed.  He thought right, and said he'd send it to me PWE.  When it arrived...shit got real.

I opened the package, and starring me right in the face was this guy:
After almost pooping my pants...I flipped the pack over...and saw this:

(Okay it wasn't really mirrored...but that adds to the effect.  Give me this one.  Plus I like the idea of being a Zednanreh Noraa supercollector)

Clearly nervous about what this meant, I read the index card that had also been included in the package to see what this insanity meant:

Phew, not as bad as I thought.  All I need to do is find/trade for or buy 100 something cards over the next year.  That's doable, right?  Right?  

Guys I don't think that's very doable.

Anywho, if this is gonna be the last year of life as I know it due to impending Hernandez doom, might as well show off the goods!  Here's the Stith card:

Just like the 1/1 I have, only less stamp-y.  Still cool.  And still kinda bends in the middle...I think it's a set thing.  Not like a crease, just a general sloping over time.

The back:
It's so gravy seeing the Jaguars flashy colors on a non glossy retro background.  Sweet though.  Why the Jaguars gave up that logo for their current one...the world may never know.

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