Friday, February 14, 2014

I love JayBarkerFan

Seriously though, it's Valentine's Day, and I'm sure I'll take the wife out and all that, but for now I wanted to profess my affections but JBF.  He's on Listia as I am, but like me his Listia passions were fading as stuff got more expensive and the pickings grew more slim over time.  So one day he emailed me out of the blue to ask if I wanted the rest of his credits.  I asked what for, and he said don't worry about it, just think of his collections down the line, which sounded good to me (guess I gotta round up some Josh Willinghams!).  So I had just a few thousand credits initially, and now all of a sudden I had around 20, was a good day in Listia history.

Since then I've browsed and browsed, and just missed on a few awesome things when I tried to get too cute with my bids.  I also won a few alright cards for trade bait.  But when I saw this card I knew I had to have it, and I went all in, bidding everything I had left.  It went for about half that (like 6,500 credits), but I would've paid thousands more for a /25 patch card of one of my favorite Patriots of all time - Deion Branch:
Branch just always played the game the right way, and he would've been an option for me to supercollect if he didn't have over 1,500 cards total.  But I still grab stuff of his when I can, especially on Listia, where I once grabbed a Reebok Authentic On Field jersey of Branch's for credits.  This time it's a nice little patch card featuring a block of Patriots alternate jersey red and a two color Seahawks patch from Branch's brief career away from Foxborough.  A nice looking piece for sure.

Here's the back:
10/25, not bad at all!  A nice little Deion Branch card thanks to a nice little gesture from JayBarkerFan.  So today JBF, I send you lots of cardboard appreciation love!


  1. Wait... not only does he give away amazing "cardboard care packages", he also gives away "Listia" credits? What's next?

    JBF... if you're reading this... you truly are a hobby saint. Your generosity is second to none in our hobby.

    Oh... and Spastik... that's one heck of a Listia win. Congratulations.

  2. Yeah he's a pretty good dude, I'm certainly grateful for him!

    And thanks! I always find cool Deion Branch stuff on Listia, which is neat.