Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Some sweet Caddys...and then a BEAST of a patch, my personal first!

So I've been accumulating trade bait for a while, and while some of it has been productive in getting me new stuff, a lot of it has...not been.  It just sits and sits at my house like I'm sure many of your lower end cards do, and it does very little for me.  So I recently decided to get on it and make this stuff move.  Sent some stuff to COMC, worked a little harder on trades, sold some stuff, etc.  And while this one is not really related to my core collections per say, it may be one of my favorite deals yet.

I sent out the remains of my old Tyronn Lue collection, some Celtics cards, a few Red Sox rookies, and some other stuff for three cards (two expected).  They're pretty awesome.  I'll show the Caddys first, beginning with the one I didn't expect:
This is a Longevity parallel, and it's #'d /25, which is pretty nice for a freebie!
Crazy that Cadillac was once a ROY. His first year was dominant, second was okay, third and fourth were washes due to injury, and then five and six were okay.  He then spent a final year in St. Louis where I thought he had a chance to reemerge, but my sole memory of his time there is zero effort on a backward pass that turned into a fumble recovery for the other team.  So unfortunate.

That said, I still love Caddy, blame it on my littlest brother's childhood Buccaneers fandom along with Caddy being on a few of my fantasy teams back in the day.  So I love getting his stuff, especially when it's a nice patch like the card of his I was expecting:
 Ooo...dos colores...so nice.
This one is out of 50, and comes after that fifth of seven seasons.  Cadillac's 2nd best season statistically, but not enough to guarantee him a starting spot in the future unfortunately.

So those cards were cool.  But this next card is FANTASTIC.  I browsed the guy's Photobucket to see what I might like and when this popped up I was stunned by it's beauty/ridiculousness.  I put it on a short list of stuff I liked and when he said I could grab it AND something else I was doubly stunned.  Probably one of the few people in the world who find this card amazing...but I do.  Anyways, without further adieu, I give you...REEBOK PATCH ANDREW WALTER:
I would swear on my life this was fake if the guy didn't tell me he pack pulled it himself.  Window looks fine too so I believe him, and it's just too neat.  This is the kind of card that, were Walter actually good and were it 2005, someone would pay like $100 for.  And it's mine for some Tyronn Lue cards.  That's amazing.
It's #'d /50, and has gotta be the best patch in that print run.  I think it's cool that it's Walter too though, don't get me wrong.  We always thought he was kind of cool in Madden, and though he couldn't beat out schmoes like Kerry Collins, Aaron Brooks, and JaMarcus Russell for a starting job, he still had a nice little short career.  He also spent a very brief period with the Patriots and I always like picking up guys who spent some time with Flying Elvis on their helmet.  Can't go wrong with that.

In general though, this instantly becomes one of the best patches in my collection.  Lots of people talk about key aspects of modern day cards - the superfractor, the NFL shield, that kind of thing.  Well this is my first laundry tag, and I think it's amazing!

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