Saturday, March 29, 2014

Second chances can sometimes take years, but they're worth it - Seneca #234

A few years ago, when I was just a beginning Seneca Wallace Collector, his Senior Bowl card was listed on Ebay.  At the time I had maybe 5 cards, and the Senior Bowl one (which was only like $3 with several copies available) was a card I needed, but it seemed like every other card took priority.   Autos, relics, parallels, serial numbered stuff...I bought all that up before the Senior Bowl card.  And then one day in 2010 or 2011 all of the copies of the Senior Bowl card sold (seller was a guy named peterperfect1) and that card just wasn't available anymore online.

I barely even noticed it at the time, because I was still plugging away at all the other cards.  When you're chasing printing plates and rare autographs you kind of forget about the little cards sometimes.  But then sometime last year I looked at my need list and realized how much the Senior Bowl card stuck out.  I only needed 53 more Seneca Wallace cards, 50 of which were numbered 100 or less.  Two of the non numbered cards were Fleer Authentix parallels that may well have never been made, and at the least have never been seen.  The other non numbered parallel?  The Senior Bowl card I once passed on for $3.

So I messaged peterperfect1 sometime last year (I keep seller names in my Excel file just in case), asked if he had any more or any sources, and he said he hadn't seen any in a while but would let me know if he did.  I didn't get a message for a while and again, kind of forgot about it.

Then a month ago, peterperfect1 listed some Senior Bowl cards up on Ebay, which included ONE Seneca Wallace card.  His price?  About $3 shipped.  I couldn't hit the BIN fast enough.  A few days later the oversized card was in my mailbox:
I showed off that Michael Sam card a week or so ago, and this card is like that only way coolr because it's Seneca (lol).  The autograph is facsimile and it's a pretty funky card in general, especially with all the different logos on it.  I mostly love it for the Senior Bowl logo in the bottom right - it helps demonstrate where my super awesome Food World logo patch comes from -

With this card, I now only need 52 more Seneca Wallace cards, and they should all be hard to find.  The 50 numbered ones, if you totaled up all the print runs, equal 779, which makes an average print run of about 16 per card.  That's limited lol.  But I'll keep fighting the good Seneca fight, and hopefully I'll uncover a few more Senecas in the year 2014!

I wanted to give a big thank you to peterperfect1 though, for continuing to dabble in the Senior Bowl market and for being an amazing seller!  A lot of guys out there, knowing someone was interested in a card, would've probably turned the $3 asking price into a $30 one just for the sake of it.  Peter kept it at $3, and that's a pretty awesome gesture.  So major kudos to an excellent Ebayer!

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