Thursday, June 19, 2014

Private Stock Shyrone Stith...Now Private Stockier!

Here's another free card I got the other day.  Someone on Blowout messaged saying "give me your address plz."  I gave it to him.  This was in my mailbox several days later!

I mentioned the Private Stock card before, but this one has a silver border to it and some silver script, making it the "silver" parallel.  I dig silver, but I actually might like the full bleed more.
The back is where it gets real funky.  So this card is 056/300 and is the silver parallel.  The Stith "base" Private Stock?  It's /278.  So the base card has a smaller print run than the silver parallel.  Madness!  But madness that I like, always good to have weird aspects to a subset!

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  1. I've got one for you as well. Shoot me an email lifebythedrop79 at yahoo dot com