Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Wednesday Fantasy Update - A football league invite, and fun with keepers

I don't know what kind of fantasy sports ya'll play, but I'm a baseball, football, and basketball guy.  I had quit for years back in the day because I didn't like how it sometimes took over my life, but then my family started a basketball league and almost immediately I became re-hooked.  I now do two baseball leagues a year, one basketball league a year, and one football league a year (all ESPN, screw that Yahoo nonsense!).  This post will be about the baseball and football.

First football:

I actually have two openings currently in my ESPN fantasy football league.  It was originally conceived as a Wives and Girlfriends (aka WAG) league, but has kind of just become a several girls with a lot of guys league.  12 members total, with fairly standard scoring except we have punters.  Last year the rules were a lot more insane but a lot of them didn't work too well so I dialed it back this year to hopefully be more consistent.

Anyways, fairly fun and fairly competitive.  If it goes well this year next year might involve money and/or keepers.  But like I said I still need those two spots filled - so if you've ever wanted to be in a fantasy league with me speak now or forever hold your peace!

Now onto baseball:

I'm in two leagues, so I'll address them one by one.

The first league is "Rasmus' Cold Shoulder Inaugural," which is actually pretty poorly named since you can't rename leagues and next year it won't be the Inaugural.  My team name there, which is constantly changing, is Sonny Gray Real Estate, a reference to both Oakland A's young ace Sonny Gray and the emo band Sunny Day Real Estate.  Clever I am.

It's our first year of a keeper auction league following a massive cheating scandal in last year's league that blew the league up and led to three new leagues being created.  This is by far the most successful one, with 12 guys all gunning for the top spot.  I'm currently in the weakest division and one game out of a playoff spot.  Only four teams make the playoffs though (with 3 divisions), so basically I need to win the division or the playoffs won't happen.  Which is rough, but doable.

Our trade deadline was coming up last week, and I had the option to fold and "play for next year" or push my chips in and hope for the playoffs.  I weighed the options and decided I'd go for it.  It was basically like

I traded Joc Pederson, $35 in future money, and some roster fodder for Gio Gonzalez, David Price, and Stephen Vogt, all on rental (that means at the end of the year I give them back).

I traded Anibal Sanchez, Bartolo Colon, and some roster fodder for Jose Altuve and Todd Frazier.

And I traded Addison Russell, $10 in future money, and Dylan Bundy for Mike Trout on rental.

A lot of prospects headed out, as well as a lot of money (luckily I had some to spare in our $250 a year league and some is spread out to 2016), but I think the intakes were great.  Basically I spent $45, Sanchez, and some prospects on two aces, a starting C, a starting 2B, a starting 3B, and a starting OF.

Now my lineup looks like this:
C: Vogt
1B: Was Paul Goldschmidt, but he's out for the year/on my DL so right now Jon Singleton
2B: Altuve
SS: Arismendy Alcantara
3B: Frazier
OF: Trout, Josh Harrison, and J.D. Martinez
Bench: Billy Hamilton, Kris Bryant and Fransisco Lindor (prospects) 

SP: Price, Gonzalez, Gray, Johnny Cueto, Adam Wainwright, Julio Teheran, Michael Pineda (on the DL)
RP: Jake McGee and Tyler Clippard (it's a points league so holds are about equal to saves)
SP/RP (guys who gain RP points at SP): Yusmeiro Petit, Chase Whitley, Ross Detwiler, Esmil Rogers, Tim Stauffer

Not a bad little roster.  1B is an obvious weak point with the Goldschmidt injury, and C, SS, and 3B aren't crazy hot.  But my SP are dominant, which helps.  Last year I pulled a similar strategy and won my league, so here's to hoping!  As is I'm 7-10 coming off a close loss last week, but I'm currently winning 145.3-107.5 this week thanks to a beastly complete game 56.6 from Johnny Cueto!

My other league is a disaster

So I said that the destruction of last year's league led to three leagues.  One is the one above, one is another I'm not in, and third is "my" league.  I got really ambitious and made it 16 teams, and then struggled to fill those 16.  I had a few friends, my wife (who had never done a daily league), and then a ton of random guys from the Blowout forums.  As you very predictably could've guessed, this led to like zero chemistry and now there are maybe 6 teams actively checking their day-to-day events.

My team, "Against the Ninja" (a Miami Connection reference) is awesome though.  I'm 13-4 and currently winning this week 4-3-3.  I should easily win the championship, though again it's not like that would be hard.  My current roster:
C: Wilson Ramos (who is actually hurt haha)
1B: Freddie Freeman
2B: Tommy La Stella
SS: Elvis Andrus
3B: Adrian Beltre
INF: Alcantara
OF: Hamilton (stolen bases are a stat in this league), Kole Calhoun, Colby Rasmus, Josh Willingham
Bench: Mike Napoli and George Springer, who is on the DL

SP: Gray, Marcus Stroman, Yu Darvish, James Shields, Corey Kluber, and Hisashi Iwakuma (I had Clayton Kershaw too prior to the season starting but I traded him for something dumb)
RP (we start four, and this is a category league with saves and holds): Steve Cishek, David Robertson, Addison Reed, Dellin Betances
SP/RP (guys who gain RP points at SP): Wade Davis, Brandon Maurer, Aaron Sanchez

The nice thing about this league is that the active guys might be able to replace the weak links in my keeper league next year.  I may keep the 16 team league alive next year, but if so it'll be with massive changes, including losing like half the league's teams.  If anyone wants to play in that league next year let me know...that'll help make my decision haha.  It's also intended as a potential WAG league...I just like friendly competition!

So that does it for my first rambling Fantasy post.  Like my other new posts, we'll see if I narrow it down/find a system in the future or if I always just babble!  Odds are on #2!

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