Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014 Hobby Goals Reviewed, 2015 Hobby Goals set!

Welcome to 2015!
With that, let's see what my goals were for 2014.
1. Obtain another Seneca Wallace 1/1.
2. Bring my Seneca Wallace collection to 238 distinct cards.
3. Bring my Michael Bishop collection up to 48 distinct cards (aka 25%).
4. Bring my Shyrone Stith collection up to 43 distinct cards (aka 25%).
5. Obtain, or at least find evidence of, a Rod Smart 1/1.

How'd I do?
1. GREAT success!  Found the magenta 1/1 plate, and added it to my stuff!
2. So close, but Nope.  Crawled from 232 cards to 236 cards.  2 short of the goal...ouch.
3. I actually found someone with an AWESOME Michael Bishop collection and sold him everything I had, so that goal was a definite fail...though it ended well!
4. HECK YEAH!  Got up to 68 cards, with a few more on the way from COMC.
5. Nope.  Never found one ever.

So two successes, an almost success, and two fails.  All in all, a solid year!

Goals for 2015:
1. Get another Seneca 1/1.  Let's make it a yearly tradition.
2. Score a Rod Smart 1/1, Shyrone Stith 1/1, or the Patriots Quad jersey with Tom Brady.  If I get just one of those's a good year.
3. Get to 100 unique Shyrone Stith cards - starting at 68 give or take a COMC shipment.
4. Finally get this guy on Beckett to trade me a Greg Maddux 1/1.  It has been sort of an adventure...and I'll tell the story when it is completed...but this one could take all year :-D.

Happy New Year to you all, and good luck on your goals!


  1. Man... I sure hope you get that Maddux 1/1 for two reasons:

    #1 - I love Maddux and want to see the card.
    #2 - I love hearing adventure stories... and this post is kind of a cliffhanger.

    Happy New Year! Best of luck on your 2015 goals.

  2. has been like 9 months coming. Fingers are crossed though!