Sunday, April 12, 2015

Random Ebay Grab - 2015 Topps Gold Corey Kluber

All this new PC stuff has made me go back and forth on whether I should casually collect a bunch of guys.  One guy I initially went forth on, but have since gone back on, is Corey Kluber.  He's a beast of a pitcher who Sabermatricians love, so he's right up my alley.  He's also a star/semi-star with not a lot of cards, so I have no desire to get into tons of bidding wars over his cards, which is why I'm staying away from collecting him.

But I'll never turn away a great card at a great price, so when I saw this card for under $1 delivered on Ebay, it had to be mine:
I decided to not scan this one, since it's not PC and hey, I always scan everything so it's a nice change.  Here's your back:
I still don't like how they print the serial numbers now - I wish it was more like it used to be.  But this is still a nifty little back, well spaced write up with some room for stats as well.  I am very, very sad that Corey Kluber is not on my fantasy team - some guy got him for $2 in our auction league last year after I ran out of money, and all Kluber has done since is win a Cy Young Award for his dominating play.  Wish it was in my rotation, but at least I can enjoy watching him dominate in real life!

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