Saturday, April 18, 2015

Randos from COMC - A Gorgeous Pats Patch, the weirdest card ever, and Dick Lines

So as mentioned previously, I went nuts on COMC lately.  100 cards, 20ish of which weren't for me, 80ish of which were.  A bunch of those were stickers, but most were PC...this is the stuff that wasn't stickers or PC.

We start with a bang...a Patriots patch that I had long admired but constantly skipped over as a) it seemed too good to be true (i.e. maybe fake) and b) it was always a tad too much for my budget.  Well given how much I've sold lately, the b part went out the window, so the a part seemed worth the risk.  And thus this patch is mine:
Yes, I am aware Laurence Maroney is no longer in the NFL.  But THAT PATCH THO.  This may honestly be the nicest patch in my entire collection.  Event worn be damned, player in question be damned...this card is fairly epic.  And best of all, now that it's in hand, it looks VERY much non-tampered...meaning I think it's authentic.  Here's the back:

It's /25, which certainly also aids to its legitimacy.  Of course it's also event worn...but that really doesn't bug me when I'm grabbing a card for looks over game used-ness.

Speaking of game used, this next card was very much bought for its game used qualities.  it's a Marcell Shipp Leathers and Laces used ball piece, /250:
Marcell Shipp was supposed to be something, but really amounted to little more than a touchdown vulture during his time in the NFL. But I always vaguely followed him since he was a star at uMass Amherst, the localish college that a lot of my friends (including my high school sweetheart) attended.  I always wanted to grab a cool card of Shipp as a result, and I'd say this fits the bill.

The back is the best part though:
In the game where this football was used, Shipp scored two touchdowns.  So there's a non-zero chance that this football piece was part of a Marcell Shipp touchdown run, if not at least touched by Marcell Shipp.  I'll take it!

Now I posted in the title that the weirdest card ever would be in this post...I did not lie.  Check it out:
I  The things that draw the eye include that book, the arm around Wesley, the fact that Wesley is with the Hornet mascot at all, the ball pit they're in, the basketballs in the it's the gold medallion edition.  So many awesome things here.

The coolest thing about this card is I mentioned it on Blowout and another guy immediately bought his own copy.  So clearly I'm not the only person this card called to.

So I said the Maroney patch is the sexiest one here...well this next one is a close 2nd:
It's Tim Couch, and it's a logo patch from his jersey.  In fact, the way the photo works you can even see the logo on the card - it's on his right (our left) shoulder and is a Puma patch.  The piece in the card is an upside down "Pu."  Which is appropriate since it's the Browns and Tim Couch.

It's weird to say I have the best Tim Couch patch you've ever seen...but I probably do now.

To finish, I grabbed some vintage-y stuff.  I've seen this Mickey Hatcher card so many times it just had to be mine:
There have been big gloves since, but as far as I know this started it all.  Very hard to beat.

And then finally, way back when when Topps did the Million Card Giveaway (which I loved), he blogosphere helped me get an entry and turn that entry into this vintage Dick Lines card:
Well thanks to COMC, I now have his OTHER card:
Here are the backs side by side...Dick Lines is the man:
and thus ends the complete randomness portion of my 100 card COMC purchase.  Everything from here on out will be PC-based or a sticker!

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