Friday, April 24, 2015

Well, That Was Easy - Samuel Deduno Edition

At the school I work at, a few teachers have those red easy buttons that were Staples' main advertising piece a few years back.  You know, these ones:
The idea of them in a school environment is to give kids quick positive feedback when they get something right in class.  Name the 23rd president?  "That was easy."  Explain the difference between a metaphor and a simile?  "That was easy."  And so forth.

They've kind of been taken out of practice by our teachers this year because often times, kids would hit the button on their way by on the way in or out of class - so you'd hear this stupid saying constantly, just because some dumb butt middle schooler thought it was hilarious.  So I'm kind of sick of the phrase personally.  But it's the first thing that popped into my mind when I found this on Ebay:
It's not a Bowman Chrome Deduno, but it's a nice little minor league sticker auto from TriStar.  Deduno's signature is VERY slanty, and it looks like he writes his first name (Samuel) and then his final initial right under it.  Kinda funky...I can dig it.

But the back explains why this was so easy...this card is #'d 4/5:
I know serial numbering is whatever for a lot of people, but to grab a /5 auto of a current major leaguer for barely $5 is pretty nice in my book, even if it is a minor league card.  I love the weird little stepwise color system here to show the different places Deduno has been, from birth to AAA Colorado Springs.  Kind of a neat way to encapsulate the journey he took to get to the majors, even if he still bounced around a bit after this (from Colorado to San Diego to Minnesota) before finding a regular big league job.


  1. Congratulations on the purchase! Never had one of those Staples buttons... but I do own one of those stop light machines for teachers. If you're not familiar... they essentially monitor the volume of your students. If they get loud... the light goes from green to yellow and beeps. If they get really loud it turns red and an alarm goes off. The problem? The kids love getting the alarm to sound off... which defeated the purpose of the purchase. Today... it's a $30 classroom decoration.

    1. I definitely understand that - I've tried the little on phone app ones and had the same reaction.