Sunday, June 7, 2015

A high end COMC/Blowout Trade? Sure!

The other day I bumped my Shyrone Stith thread on the Blowout Forums.  A guy messaged me saying he had Stith's 2000 Score base card (he was shocked I didn't have it yet) and asked if I was interested.  I said sure.  Here's the card in all its base glory:
But it wasn't really that easy.

He wanted to make a deal, but the card is worth less than he wanted to know how we could make this work.  I gave several options:
1 - PWE
2 - See if there's anything I could trade for it from my collection
3 - See if there's anything to add to it from his collection to make it worth the postage

He chose 3.  Sent me his Photobucket link and I immediately fell in love with a Isaiah Crowell autograph and a Giovani Bernard patch.  I inquired on them, fully intending to be turned down since I never even look at high end, and he told me the Crowell was sold and the Gio, a 1/1 (!!!), had a $75 value on it.

Now, I never really spend money on cards...just COMC credit.  But I couldn't spend COMC credit in a personal transaction, so I figured I was screwed.  But after I offered to scour COMC for wants of his for a trade, he started asking about becoming a seller on COMC.  How did offers work, how did shipping work, etc.  We chatted a bit, and he decided that he would take some COMC startup funds for the Gio and the Stith.  So I bought a 10 cent card for $65.10 in store credit and a week later the Stith and Gio were mine.

Probably overpaid a bit, but for someone living in Cincinnati this is one SEXY card:
Gorgeous right?  And all it cost was some COMC credit and a little COMC education.  Here's the back if anyone is curious:
Bernard is already ceding carries to Jeremy Hill, so his NFL stardom days are probably in the past, but he's still a fun guy to watch week in and week out.  I'll gladly take a nice looking patch card of his any day, so I'm glad this crazy COMC deal worked out for everyone involved!

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