Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Somewhat of a regular feature - More cool sets I noticed recently on COMC

I'm always browsing COMC.  So I often find some cool sets that I've never heard of before and sometimes I like to talk about them.  This is one of those times.

This first set is one I kind of just like for its name.  Because it reminds me of this:

The set:
Gwynn was certainly worthy of it in his day, as were a few of the other guys in the set that I saw on COMC.  It almost looks like the background behind Gwynn is an ocean scene, with like the sky towards the upper 3rd of the card and water on the bottom 2/3rds.  I dunno, I see it that way any way.

This next set is a little busy in terms of design - but pretty damn cool in terms of concept:
There's a Glavine-Lopez one on COMC as well, as well as some Mike Hampton ones.  Most pairings on dual jersey cards don't make sense at all - this one makes perfect sense, it could just use a little better design.

And oh yeah..that "Summer School" label on the left weird.  I guess that's what the 2002 Topps set this came from was called.

I found this last set while looking for Erubiel Durazo cards.  It's out of 2004 Leaf, a company that always made great game used cards:
There are other lineup oriented jersey cards out there, but this is one of my favorite ones in terms of design and the number windows for swatches.  I also liked how they mixed materials - so Tejada and Chavez got jerseys while Durazo got a bat - good stuff there.

Awesome sets all - I'll share more when I find 'em!  Any of you guys own any cards from these sets?


  1. All three of those cards are AWESOME!

    1. Heck yeah!

      Battey Mates by the way, the more I look at is, is a real weird set. There's Maddux/Lopez, Glavine/Lopez, Mike Hampton/Ben Petrick, and Al Leiter/Mike Piazza. That's it (although there are Chrome and not chrome versions of each). I wish they'd bring it back with an expanded checklist - maybe could even work personal catchers into it too!

      As for Clean up Crew, it ran for a few years - as an individual set in 2002, then as a trio in 2003, and a trio again in 2004. It looks like there were 10 relics in 02 and 03, and then they opened things up to 20 in 2004. There is an A's one btw - Tejada/Chavez/Dye. I kinda dig the Astros one - Berkman/Bagwell/Daryle Ward (who is definitely a forgotten slugger of the past!)

    2. Those Battery Mates relic looks like a precursor to 2009 Topps Tribute relics. I specifically like the Maddux and Lopez card, because the two weren't paired very often. Maddux often threw to guys like Charlie O'Brien and Eddie Perez.

      I'll have to look up some of those Clean Up Crew cards and see what other A's and Padres cards are floating around.

    3. Ah I forgot about Eddie Perez! But that's true, Perez was definitely his guy much more than Javy was.