Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Blog in Transition?

So I know I've posted stuff like this before...and I know others do too.  But after reading YET ANOTHER Junior Junkie post (this one about the hits his website got), I took a look at mine and realized how far I had gotten from my bread and butter - namely great names and obscure events/lists.

So I'm gonna try to get back to those.  No promises, but I'm gonna try to regularly do Madden '04 Mondays and Great Name Fridays once again.  I like the randomness and I like that I get obscure emails/comments on these things since I'm basically the only person even talking about 50% of the people I post about (well like 25% of the names, near 100% of the Madden guys).  I'll still post cards...just maybe only on weekends, like I planned on when I made set days back in the day (but then got away from it lol).

If it all goes to crap, I'll try to at least do a Great Name every Friday.  That's what the blog is all about at the end of the day (even though it kind of became a Seneca Wallace/COMC blog) and so I want to bring that awesomeness back.  So starting this Friday...it returns!!!!!!!!!!!!

So that's that!  Still cards (either Wednesdays or Weekends), and hopefully some regular posts in my other two columns as well!

Oh and obviously I'm taking nominations for the GSNHOF!  I have like...a billion names ready to go, but they're in no set order, so if yours is really good it can jump in line.


  1. Replies
    1. He sadly was kicked out on Ballot One. I may start up the Veteran's Committee at some point to see if he can come back. Because his name is way too good.

  2. The Packers had some great names back in the 1970s and 1980s...Lynn Dickey, Bucky Scribner, and Mossy Cade just to name three. That was mainly because other than having great names, the team sucked!

    I'm surprised that former England and Arsenal goalkeeper David Seaman hasn't made the list previously...

    1. I think it's because Dick Seaman was nominated. But I can add him too!