Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Trade with TMM Part 2: BASEBALL!

Today you get a small smattering of the (non Mike James/Deduno Bowman) baseball stuff that Dennis of TMM sent my way recently.  He really boosted 3 of my PCs while also adding a 1/1 to my collection, so all of these cards were much appreciated!

First we have a few cards of Chris Colabello, former Worcester Tornado.  I still don't own any of his Worcester cards, so this 2013 Topps base is now the oldest Colabello in my collection:

The other additions were all Topps as well.  Here's his 2015 Topps base, which is my newest Colabello:

And then two 2014 cards, his Topps Chrome base:
and his 2014 Topps update base:

Dennis collects this next guy (any self respecting blogger out to collect Ken Griffey Jr.), but he sends me extras sometimes which is uber cool.  Speaking of uber cool, this Award Winners card with an embossed little medal in it is pretty sexy for an insert:

The other Griffey he sent me is a checklist.  I love how Griffey can even make a checklist look cool:

Dennis seems to always send me Billy Hamiltons along with his Griffeys.  This lot was no different, and I ended up with the oldest Hamilton in my collection (by several years) with this 2011 Bowman's Best:

He also sent a 2015 Topps Chrome, and this has to be one of my favorite cards in the package.  The scan doesn't do it justice - this is one shiny, amazing card.  The color scheme is fantastic:

And the last Billy Hamilton is serial numbered - it's a "Career Stat Line" card which gives some stat and then has numbering.  This one is /395:

Saving the best for last with this post, Dennis was able to procure an Elizardo Ramirez printing plate, which is pretty amazing as it is the first for my PC!  My Elizardo collection was recently (unofficially) named my most random PC, so it means a lot to finally have my first plate for it.  Here it is in all its glory, a black plate from 2007 Topps:
The best thing about this plate?  This is the year where Elizardo had two base cards in the Topps set.  So I'm excited to chase all eight plates from this ridiculous set.  Consider this the first of many!

One last post for this trade to come - all the football cards will be shown on Thursday of this week!

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