Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Hey Sportlots! How you doin?

With all my luck on COMC the past half year, I've been kind of quiet on other sites.  COMC has slowed way, WAY down lately though, thanks to a number of things, and so I decided to check out Sportlots the other day and see what damage I could do!

I ended up spending a little under 40 cents a card for everything here, so barely $4.  I think I might've paid that alone for the first card, so I'm pretty happy with the little lot I procured.

Speaking of that first card, it's the Gold version of Corey Alston's Bowman card:
It's subtle in the scan, but in real life the gold pops quite a bit more.  This card completes the Alston Bowman run for me, and leaves just three variations of his Impressions card for a complete set (Base #'d, Shadow #'d, Premiere Date #'d).

I also decided to grab a few baseball cards for my PCs.  I scored this nice little Gold Shin-Soo Choo:

As well as a very crisp Elizardo Ramirez Heritage card:

I then double dipped with each of those guys, grabbing the red back version of their 2007 Topps cards (well, one of Elizardo's two cards in that set).  I'll show the backs since I've shown the fronts before:

I picked up a football back variation too, this one being a Silver parallel from 2009 Topps Mayo:
I will show the front on this one too, because Massaquoi's head looks small/ridiculous in this photo:

I grabbed two very nice looking Priest Holmes cards.  One is a die cut Ravens card, Gold Medallion edition:

The other is a Texas themed set card with Priest Holmes going for a touchdown against North Carolina.  Is that background for real?  It looks photoshopped as heck:

Speaking of Texas, WOODY DANTZLER!  In Madden 2004 he just became my starting FS after splitting time last season with Will Demps.  He's a tackling machine!  But in Dallas he mostly just returned kicks:

Finally we have a Demeco Ryans Attax card.  It's the code version, and apparently there are two versions without a code (or something):

I've got something like 85 cards on COMC to ship, so hopefully I make some sales so I can get those cards sent my way to add to my PCs!  I'm making more sales on the average day with my AllOffersAccepted name, but I'm still so impatient.  Buy my cards internet!


  1. photoshopped or not... that priest is sweet. there's at least one new priest headed your way later in the week (hopefully tomorrow).

  2. That Priest Holmes picture is from the Sun Bowl, played in the UTEP stadium. I went to a Boise State - UTEP game there while I was in El Paso in 2004 getting ready to mobilize to Iraq. It really does look like that.

    1. Wow, I had no idea. Gorgeous backdrop for a stadium then.