Tuesday, December 22, 2015

A few oddball Senecas make the season bright

As I mentioned in my last post, new Senecas are hard to come by.  This is especially true if I only consider Beckett approved senecas - meaning Seneca cards that show up on the Beckett official checklist or in their magazines.  This isn't to say that list is perfect, as I know of some cards they list that were never made, but in general when I say I want to get all the Seneca Wallace cards, I mean the ones listed by Beckett.

All that said, my recent Christmas pickup and a few paypal sales nudged me in the direction of buying up some oddballs for the collection.  The main reason was the size of the Christmas card - at 5" x 7", it won't fit in my typical binder pages, so I bought some 5" x 7" penny sleeves and pocket pages to hold it.  Once that went down, I found a few Seneca oversized oddballs that I had been neglecting due to card size and grabbed them both, boosting the total card count by two.

The first card I picked up is this Disabled American Veterans card.  It's a 5" x 7" like the Christmas hat card:
I dig the stats on the front at the bottom, and I love the Seahawks green used for the names.

Here's the back, which is wordy!
I actually love this back because not only does it give a lot of cool game-by-game stats, but it also mentions some of Seneca's off-field contributions.  I've read a lot about Seneca's charity work since his departure from the NFL, so it's cool to have a card that recognizes his efforts during his career too.

The other oddball I grabbed is one of those Fleer bankruptcy cards.  When Fleer went bankrupt, many cards were backdoored to collectors while others were straight up sold in auctions.  So this Secret Weapons Gold proof likely emerged from one of those situations:
I used to own the true version of this card (which is /15), but sold it to heroesoncards a while back when I was looking for some cash money.  Someday I hope to grab one again so I can make this a little trifecta.  As is, I have the above and the base below:
Seeing the base kind of shows how different the proof is - you can see how Fleer cropped around all four sides for the final card.  As a result, the proof is a little bigger than your average card.  Allow me to use Mr. Killebrew for scale:
And here's the back if anyone is curious.  It kind of shows off how much white space the cropping did away with:

Three new Seneca Wallace cards posted in three days - I haven't had that many adds in years!  Let's hope it's not too long a drought until I add three more!


  1. Oddballs always brighten my mood too - variety is the spice of life and all that jazz.