Sunday, December 6, 2015

Holiday Trading - Lots of Bengals, Browns, and shiny Basketball/Hockey with a little Baseball

All the cool kids are doing trade bait posts for the holidays.  So I figured I'd do one too!

I'm looking for anything from my want lists (which are to the right).  If you don't have anything I want, we can work something out - I'd still rather move as much of this as possible to refresh the trade bait boxes!

Anywho, below are scans of everything I have available for trade, with notes when I feel like it!  If you want to trade, either claim stuff here and give me an email or email me at!

- The Jordan is from some company called Ballstreet, and the Waring is my last of the many graded Warings I used to have.

All the Ren and Stimpy cards came from a match game, and the Top Gear 2 card is from an issue of Nintendo Power

Johnson is 29/199, Redmond is 27/999, Williams is 6/10, Posey is 15/25, Forsett is 22/50, Basenax is 23/25

Mallett is 147/299, Massaquoi is 161/649, Ellington is 73/79, Anderson is 753/999, Green is 74/2002, Branch is 25/99.

Gresham is 138/249, Johnson is 17/25.

Isaiah Crowell is a BEAST.  And I have like 4 of that Gordon card so I pilled them up.  You'll see that quite a few times in these scans.

Gio Bernard is the man - I moved most of my Gios locally to my LCS but he didn't take a few.

Van Exel is a 1/1, O'Neal blue is 1930/1948, Wright is 48/3100, Jones is 48/3100, Fuller is 48/3100, McCoy is damaged and 212/1500, O'Neal gold is 1059/2009.

Love these young cards of Chauncey Billups and Tracy McGrady.

One oversized card here, and a scary photoshop job.

There are some epic 90's hockey names in here, and they're all so shiny!

Naslund is claimed

This Hasek is pretty amazing.


  1. It is a travesty you and I haven't traded. I would like to trade for that Pat White and the Markus Nasland Pens card.

    1. Sounds good - marked them claimed for now!

  2. Ooh, I have a few Choos & things I can send your way, so I'll claim any of the following that remain- Andre Johnson Rookie Chase, Epic shades Kosar, & the Aldridge & Jumbo Odom RCs.