Saturday, January 2, 2016

1989 Topps Pack Break ON A PLANE

Yeah you've seen 1989 Topps before.  But have you ever seen 1989 Topps on a plane?
I think not.

Christmas Break this year included a few days back at the parents' house, where I was gifted several Topps packs from 1987 to 1989.  As I was sitting in the airport waiting for my group number to be called, I decided it might be cool to rip one of the packs on the plane.  I originally pondered "live blogging" it (just taping it using my IPod) but that seemed like it wouldn't work well, and I think the stewardess might have had the plane grounded due to me looking insane.

So I just took photos instead.
Of a 1989 Topps pack break.

Let's see how I did!
Now it's hard to see here, but the above is the back of the package. There's a little sliver of card back showing and the player was a league leader in something.  I think that's a good start - maybe a little star power in the pack!

Of course then I fully opened the pack and ew...gum explosion everywhere:
I was gonna try to eat it (I always do) but the stuff was just destroyed.  Poor Dan Quisenberry never stood a chance:
And as such, knowing his back is a mess, he looked out the window over the clouds to ponder what it means to be remembered in cardboard:

I decided to offer some water to my next two cards, Mark Thurmond and Wade Boggs:
It's pretty cool to pull a Wade Boggs card on a plane.  The guy was famous for his alcoholic aviation pursuits and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia recently did a nice take on the legend that's worth viewing, as it features the Boggs man himself:

My next card, Mike Witt, helped me check out some plane safety techniques.  Luckily I was not in an exit row, as Witt blocked the 4th picture so I wouldn't have known what to do!

And good ol' Sparky Anderson helped review the use of my seat as a floatation device:

At this point we hit a little turbulence, and poor Don Baylor got a little queasy:
I guess that's why they give you the bags!

Kirk McCaskill felt a little sick after that moment, so he had to look out the window onto the clouds:

But Jimy Williams thought the window was too bright, so he shut it 2/3rd's of the way to get some shut eye:

At this time ours ears were starting to pop, so I offered some Orbit to Bryan Harvey and Bobby Witt:

Moving onto the in-flight reading, Ellen Page was in "The Spotlight" according to American Way, but Mike Jackson stole the spotlight for a moment:

I then pulled this Topps shirt advertisement card, which I think pairs well with this ad.  That 5x Topps shirt is definitely beautifully epic:

Mark Grant decided to have a go at the crossword puzzle:
"Berg of Baseball"?  That'd be Moe.

Sweet Lou Whitaker had a bit more trouble with the Sudoku:

By then the magazines had to go away, as the plane was arriving in Cincinnati.  So I made sure my Pat Borders was in its locked, upright position:

And finally the last "star" card of the pack arrived.  Our league leader that peaked through at the beginning was none other than Orel Hershiser.  Certainly a nice star card for a 1989 Topps pack:

It was kind of fun opening a pack of cards on a plane - certainly mixed it up from the typical card-opening situation.  I wonder if I can work in other weird card-opening situations in the New Year - could be a nice new little series in this 7th year of the GSNHOF!


  1. You should go on a press tour for your blog so you can call that junket wax!

  2. Love this post! What a fun idea.

    I think 37-across is "NOEL SAW I WAS LEON"

    1. Thanks! And I should have done a crossword contest!

  3. That's the best 1989 Topps has ever looked - fun post!

  4. Quality post! Kind of encompasses the spirit of wallet card but with a pack.

    1. I didn't think of it that way before but I agree! I totally want to keep a pack of cards in my car now, just in case I end up somewhere cool worthy of another post. I'm thinking of doing one at school one of these days.