Saturday, April 9, 2016

Three one carders for a Saturday night

I'm way behind on scanning and posting, so I scanned everything I have today in hopes of posting it before 2017 rolls around.  Three of the things I scanned were one card trades/wins from the world, and they're all pretty awesome in their own obscure way, so here they are!

Card #1 comes from an obscure Canadian card site, and is the 4th person in my Mike James collection.  It's the CFLer Mike James, and this 1995 R.E.L. card means I have every card of him every produced:
James came out of Mississippi State and moved right to the CFL in 1995, where he was signed by the expansion team Birmingham Barracudas.  In 18 games he had 95 tackles, one sack, one interception, and four fumble recoveries.  After the season ended, the CFL folded all American franchises and James was out of a team.  He was drafted by the BC Lions in a dispersal draft, but he never played in the CFL again, so this card remains the only one to his name.

Card #2 is an epic jersey from Ebay.  Deion Branch has some nice jerseys to his name, but this is the first multi-color patch I've seen from his college days:
Most of these are one colors, either white or red.  So when I saw a number (or name) Senior Bowl worn patch for under $10, I jumped on it.  Very glad I did, this is one of my favorite cards in the Branch collection these days.

The final card of this post comes from Blowout.  A guy there posted on my Shyrone Stith collection thread saying that he had a Bronze Pacific Parallel if I wanted one.  I wasn't even aware there was a Bronze Parallel (I didn't see one on Beckett), so I said sure.  And about a week later, it was mine:
It's 75/75, which makes this card infinitively cool.  And it makes me happy I'm making money on COMC again, because I'm trading for this with COMC cards I bought.  It's always nice when that works out!

Speaking of COMC, I've got a COMC package to post and two trade packages, so hopefully look for all of that in the next few weeks!


  1. I honestly never knew there were American teams in the CFL - you learn something new everyday.

  2. I didn't either before today! Sounds like they all went TERRIBLY and so the CFL decided to just go back to what they knew before. Makes ya think about all the Buffalo/Toronto ideas the NFL has had lately...