Sunday, January 15, 2017

Hey remember that guy SpastikMooss who used to blog sometimes?

While visiting with my family this past Christmas, I had two different people ask me if I still blogged.  My answer was a quick "Yeah kinda," but given that I haven't posted since last July, I can understand the confusion.

Long story short, most all of the time I would've spent blogging or buying cards or on Blowout in the past is now spent on the XBox One.  Instead of doing advanced Ebay searches for Rod Smart 1/1's, I'm trying to get to Masters on the backs of Lucio, Roadhog, and Symmetra.  The times, they are a changing.

That being said, I still do buy cards/make trades on occasion, and I still want to keep blogging occasionally too, especially since I may someday have a cool interview to post on here if the cards fall right (You'll know it when you see it).  So I might only post once or twice a month at max, but I'll try to get back to posting once in a while.  I've got something like 100 cards still to scan at the house, so whenever I get those scanned they'll end up here on the blog.

Speaking of scans, since it's a card post I figured I'd show off a few of my favorite cards from my most recent scan session (probably in like August lol).  Starting with the newest member of the Mike James club - Mike James the hockey player!
This JOGO card features Mike James of the Ottawa 67s. of two Mike James who played hockey for the Ottawa 67s.  I only see three Mike James who played hockey according to my research, but two of them played for the 67s.  Go figure.

Anyways, this Mike James was in his first season of professional hockey on this card.  He had 11 PIM in 10 games, and that's it, before moving to five games with the Windsor Spitfires.  He then spent another three seasons in the OHL before four seasons in the ECHL and a final partial season in the uHL.  He had career highs of 20 goals and 43 points, but most importantly his name was Mike James so he's in my collection now!

A few of these cards will be Mikes here's two cards of the NBA version:
I think the on card auto is gorgeous, and then the patch card is pretty neat too.  Dorrell Wright never amounted to much, but I really like the way he and James' patches are so colorful.  Shawn Marion is obviously the most famous guy here, so it's cool he's also on the card.

Here's the last Mike James, a recent signature of the NFL veteran:
James seemed to be just about out of the NFL after the 2014 season, but he was signed this year by the Bucs after extensive backfield injuries, and ended up having four carries and four receptions in four games.  So it's good to see him back in the NFL world.  Hopefully he sticks around for next year on some team.

The last card I wanted to show off here is a nice rookie auto of Mohamed Massaquoi's:
The auto is pretty decent, but the patch is what I really like here.  Browns' patches rarely get too amazing since there's only so much color on their jerseys, but I like the way this one breaks.  Definitely a nice addition to my collection.

Anyways, just wanted to share a few cards and let you all know I'm still around now and then.  See you on the blogs!


  1. Glad to see you back. I'm going to have some stuff for you soon. I've been accumulating!

  2. Glad to see you're alive and kickin'. I understand the video game thing. I gave up video games years ago, but a few months ago I started playing at least a few hours a week. Most recently... I've been playing Tom Clancy The Division on my PS4.

    1. It's mostly because of my brothers - they live 15 hours away so other than texting we never really got to chat. Now if we game we'll talk all night and it's great times.

      And I totally remember The Division, I never played it but guys would constantly leave FIFA games to go play that instead lol.