Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Cody Parkey Challenge Post Six: Three become two

I was tempted to post yesterday's Bears kicking news, but I'm glad I waited until today when there's an actual transaction to report!

Chris Blewitt (He of Jamie Kohl tutelage, and thus the guy I figured might win the thing even though he has seemed like the third best kicker most of the time), has been cut. We are now down to Eddy Piniero vs. Elliot Fry,

This cut comes a day after some truly poor kicking yesterday.  Bears coverage guy Rich Campbell tweeted the following about it:

During Bears practice, with 25 alumni & their guests watching, all 3 kickers were called onto the main field to try a 42-yard FG. 1. Right post 2. Wide left 3. Wide right HC Matt Nagy, what went through your mind? “Whatever went through your mind went through my mind.”

Obviously that's a bad look for all three kickers, who continue to underwhelm under pressure at practice.  I still wonder if it's worth it for the Bears to bring in Matt Bryant and just let him have the job.  The guy is a hardened vet and has made all these kicks and more before, and the Bears would do well to just pick a solid veteran option and end this kicking story.  I also saw a guy on Twitter who said the Bears never should've cut undrafted rookie Casey Bednarski, which I agree with since he was a favorite of mine with his Janikowski-strength leg and awesome personality.

That being said, with the roster as is, I think Piniero is still the favorite given his pedigree and "previous NFL experience" (Some preseason games last year before getting injured).  With this battle though, who really knows?  All we know for today is that Chris finally blew it (Yup, I finally went with the low hanging fruit).


  1. I read that news today. Totally cracked me up, even as a Bears fan.

  2. This has been making the national news. Boy the coach and the team seem to be really overreacting to that kick.