Friday, June 19, 2009

Great Sports Name Hall of Fame Nominee - Yourhighness Morgan

Apparently linebackers have sweet names.

Yourhighness is a fresh face on the scene, as he only committed to Florida Atlantic University a year ago. But those he is only a second semester freshman in age, he is a grizzled veteran when it comes to awesome names. He has a brother named Handsome, cousins named Prince and Gorgeous, and his nickname is either YH or "Hiney." So while on the surface this guy is just one pretty good dig a little deeper and you find more awesome.

How would Yourhigness Morgan get into the Great Name Hall of Fame? He wouldn't...yet. I don't really have a they need to be retired rule...but he's just starting college...I'm going to let the kid make himself (nice). But I'm sure he'll make it in someday.

Also, I found this sweet site that keeps track of recruiting while researching Yourhighness.

Also, I found this sweet site while searching for names. Apparently there is a Name Hall of Fame...but it's for all names, not just sports names. So I'm renaming ours the Great Sports Name Hall of Fame.

To see the best sports names of all time, visit the Truly Great Names page.
To see some good sports names that were voted out, visit the Good Names page.
To see the current voting ballot, visit the Ballot page.

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