Friday, June 19, 2009

Great Sports Name Hall of Fame Nominee - Majestic Mapp

Majestic Mapp's story is actually quite a sad one, even if his name is amazing (oh and his brother, Scientific, played point guard at Florida A & M).

Mapp grew up in NYC and was promising even as a young kid, where he apparently shot 500 jumpers a day with his Dad. In 1999 all of his young training came to fruition as he was named a McDonald's All American (along with Carlos Boozer, among others). Known for his incredible court vision and excellent passing from the point, Mapp signed with the University of Virginia. He planned to play there for three years, earn a degree, and then make millions in the NBA.

But life doesn't always follow your plans. In the summer of 2000 during a pickup game, Majestic tore the ACL in his right knee. It took five surgeries to repair the damage, and by the time the knee actually was healed in was years and years later. During all the time UVA waited for Majestic to heal, he did gain an undergraduate and graduate degree at the institution. But even though he still had eligibility, 5 years is a long time to be on a scholarship you're not using for athletics, and so Majestic moved on to Division II West Georgia in 2004 to use up his last year of eligibility, averging 19 points a game.

Majestic, not willing to give up his NBA dream, tried out everywhere he could to continue playing. There's a site claiming he would have been signed by the Topeka Tornado of the AAPBL, but they folded. Same goes for the Niagara Daredevils of the ABA, but they folded as well. And then the google references stop. Lots of coverage of his injury and his attempt to come back of it from 2001 to 2004, but then after 2005 Majestic simply falls off the Mapp. Literally. Where is he now? Google isn't saying, but we here at GSNHOF will keep you updated if we find anything about his current whereabouts in the future.

Touche to the man for getting himself several degrees out of an awful situation. But dirty shame that a player as talented as he supposedly was had to go out that way. At least he'll be remembered in some way thanks to the Great Sports Name Hall of Fame.

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