Friday, June 19, 2009

Great Sports Name Hall of Fame Nominee - Manli Wang

Today I bring you our very first venture into the world of Speed Skating. To be honest, I never really thought that I would write about speed skating. But then again, amazing names come from all over the sporting spectrum.

Manli Wang's story is simple. She's a Chinese Speed Skater. She apparently likes to wear tea cozies. She won a silver medal in the 500M at the 2006 Winter Olympics. And that's about all I know about her.

But hey, ain't her name awesome? If you want more than just a name, feel free to visit a site with her statistics, a ranking list of speed skaters over many years, or check out Manli's sweet skatewear.

If, however, you'd just like to see more awesome names like Wang's, click on the links on the side of this site and enjoy!

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